The system of unified polycarbonate and acrylic roofing is made of lightweight, safer and complete sets for DIY installation. We offer arched and straight canopies. Canopies are widely used, the most common use is as canopies over external entrance doors, canopies for loggias and balconies in apartment buildings. Canopies are mounted on structures made of glued laminated timber or metal structures. The roofing cover is made of high quality solid polycarbonate, or multi-chamber polycarbonate panels or acrylic panels. Only standard sizes of canopies in this category are available.

Fastlock Uni

The Icopal Fastlock Uni solid polycarbonate panels system is one of the most modern construction solutions on the market to build interesting and original roofing. The Fastlock Uni solid polycarbonate is offered in three colors: white panels offering nice and soft light – the white surface is perfect for dispersing the sunshine and when there are some clouds in the sky it provided the effect of light focusing and reinforcement, amber panels work perfectly as terrace roofing cover – the amber panel provides enough lighting for the interior and also offers perfect protection against sunshine, and transparent panels, if the maximum light intensity is required.

Solid polycarbonate panels

Solid polycarbonate panels are a highly technologically advanced material, which thanks to its physico-chemical properties often replaces glass in the structural and finishing applications. Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced of polymers in the field of modern plastic materials. Polycarbonate panels are a real breakthrough in terms of design and construction methods. They are transparent like glass, however they are 200 times stronger than glass at half the weight of glass. An additional advantage of these panels is the possibility of forming arches by hot or cold bending.

Multi-chamber polycarbonate - panels

The multi-chamber polycarbonate (PCB) is a material whose properties make it the most universal material bringing together the best optical and strength parameters with perfect thermal insulation and low weight. PCB is used among other as glazing in marketplaces, greenhouses, swimming pools, industrial facilities, see-through acoustic screens and in individual residential buildings for terrace roofing, markees, partition walls, hothouses, winter gardens as well as filling for balcony staircase railings.

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